Intel Core i7-7700K Benchmark Sneak Peek

Intel's latest processor is almost ready and there are a few engineering sample chips floating around that have been benchmarked. This is a whole new generation of processor that is a minor upgrade to the previous i7-6x00 series. Is it worth waiting for? You'll have to take a peek below as they are just running a few synthetic benchmarks for now.

We will be showing you PassMark, 3DMark, and SiSoft Sandra scores today. We are comparing the Intel Core i7-7700K and Core i7-6700K processors, both at 4.5GHz locked clocks, with a 2666MHz DDR4 memory bus. The scores have been taken on motherboard that has yet-to-be released, but has full support for the new Kaby Lake processors as well as updated INF drivers. All we have done in taking these benchmarks is to switch out the CPU.

Source: HardOCP