Android App Pick - The Room


Application: The Room

Things have been crazy around BCCHardware, but we are back with App Pick #207. If you like puzzles this week’s app will be right up your alley. If you’re familiar with puzzle/adventure games such as 100 Doors, this app will challenge you as it is a bit harder. The Room Epilogue requires a fair bit of strategy as you’re constantly searching for a way to unlock and open these boxes on a table – in you guessed it - a room. I find it much more fun than “100 Doors” and it’s quite addicting. There are more sequels if you master this Room.

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As I said, this puzzler puts you in a room that you’re supposed to figure out how to unlock and get out. There is a storyline to go along with the game as well as notes scattered around. It has a bit of a hidden objects feel to it as well, but it’s more about solving puzzles and unlocking areas. Tap things, turn them by touch, rotate your device and even shaking it can loosen up items to help you continue your quest. 

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There are hints along the way if you get stuck. Go solve the mystery!


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