Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass Gaming Series Case

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Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass Gaming Series Case
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Product: Rosewill Cullinan Gaming Computer Case
Provided By: Rosewill
Price: MSRP $179.99 at time of publication



It's been quite a while since I had the opportunity to review a case for BCCHardware and I've passed on several other products in order to snag this one. The Rosewill Cullinan shows off what Rosewill is capable of - and they are capable of quite a lot. There was a time when Rosewill was considered to be an entry-level PC peripheral and accessory company, but in the last few years they have stepped up their game and the results speak for themselves. They now deliver high quality, affordable products that aren't just durable; they are very attractive as well.

There are a few companies that produce cases with tempered glass side panels, and they don't come cheap. Rosewill looks to be entering this market with a case that looks as good or better than the competition and comes in at a price that compares with more traditional cases. For the price point, I don't think you can find a more attractive case and we'll start by taking a quick tour of the outside.


First Impressions:

As you may have guessed, my first impressions are pretty good. The case came shipped in a double box with extra padding on all sides in order to keep it all together on the long trek up here to Canada. It was worth it. The case arrived in top-notch shape and is a beauty to behold.

Front Profile 1 Rear Profile Offside Front Profile


I encourage you to click on the images to see the detail and the quality of the case all through this review. The images don't really do it justice, but we'll do our best to share. If this case is as functional as it looks, it could easily be a winner.


Closer Look - Outside:

The front of the case is gorgeous with the solid sheet of tempered glass, but there isn't really much to show off as it is just a piece of glass. As you can see above in some of the images, the case doesn't offer any 5.25-inch bay support. The rear of the case offers a lot more functionality however. The expansion and graphics cards are held in place by screws and then secured with a bar to offer even greater stability. This bar will also help keep the case a bit more rigid as the frame is quite light-weight steel. When the side panels are on, it is very stout however.


The case uses a bottom mounted power supply location and ports to run tubing out of the case if you are using external liquid cooling. There is enough space in the case though to put more than enough fans and radiators inside - but we'll get to that in a minute. The rear fan can be easily replaced and the case supports up to 14 cm fans at the rear. 


Top USB & Buttons
Magnetic Filters Tempered Glass


The top front of the case offers 2x USB 3.0 ports, 2x USB 2.0 ports, headphone and microphone jacks, power and reset buttons as well as a simple fan controller. This simple layout looks nice and doesn't detract from the overall simplicity of the case. The very top of the case (and the front, behind the bezel) uses magnetic dust filters that are easily removable for cleaning and function as good as they look. Also pictured above is the "Tempered Glass" sticker that can be removed after installation - or left to show off your 1337 case.

On the next page, we'll take a closer look inside the Cullinan as we open this sweetheart up. Beauty is only skin deep, so we'd better find out if what is inside matches the outside.