Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass Gaming Series Case - Closer Look Inside

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Rosewill Cullinan Tempered Glass Gaming Series Case
Closer Look Inside
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Closer Look Inside:

Once we drop the sides off the case, we discover that the inside is almost as clean as the outside. It looks a little odd honestly as there are no 5.25-inch bays at the top and you'll notice there are no 3.5-inch bays for hard drives visible either. This gives the inside a huge cavernous appearance. What you do get is an easily accessible spot to mount a triple fan radiator at the front of the case as well as a place to put a large 280mm radiator at the top of the case for some serious cooling. 

Inside BackSide


There is ample room to mount extra fans, and very long graphics cards. In fact, Rosewill has included a card support at the bottom-front of the motherboard area that can be used to support long and heavy graphics cards. This is a nice touch. I didn't have any cards in my systems that required this, but if you are using a GTX 980, you'll be glad for this extra feature. 

As you can see above, the offside of the case holds your hard drive mounting opportunities. There is space for three 2.5-inch drives as well as a pair of 3.5-inch drives at the bottom front. The 3.5-inch drives mount without tools, but you'll need a screwdriver to secure your favorite (or surplus) 2.5-inch drives. This layout is not as easily accessible as traditional cases, but it offers much better cable management and a clean build.

CPU Backplate Hole Card Support  & Fans


The CPU backplate hole is very large and will easily allow you to mount aftermarket coolers without removing the motherboard. Back in the early days of large coolers, this was one of the major complaints of motherboards. A hole for removing and mounting CPU backplates is now pretty standard equipment. The GPU support is made of plastic, but mounts quite securely to the main motherboard tray and should do it's job without issues.


The fan hub accommodates up to five fans and can be controlled with the slider at the top-front of the case. The front fans are plugged into it, and if you decide to add another couple of fans to the top of your system, you could easily plug them into this hub as well. The position of the hub allows for easy addition and accessibility for front and top fans.

Fan Hub SSD Mounting


Specifications & Bundle:

The following specifications have been pulled from the Rosewill product page for the Cullinan and have been posted here for your convenience. Please make sure to check out the complete information at Rosewill's site.



The bundle is not that robust, but does include everything you need to get a system built, cables managed and it up and running. There are more than enough screws, standoffs and cable ties to get you going as well as a few extra side panel thumb screws in case you lose a couple. All in all, it's a solid bundle.


On the next page, we'll build a system in the Cullinan and share our thoughts about easy of build as we continue on the review.