ChargEST: The World's Most Advanced Travel Adapter

Since becoming a backer of a couple projects on, every now and then I like to browse the site to see what new projects and campaings are out there. One thing recently caught my eye. ChargEST is an all in one travel adapter for just about anything. ChargEST has 3 USB ports along with adapters for Lightning and USB-C plugs, a plug socket that conforms to all socket outlet standards worldwide and has adapter plugs that are compatible with 150+ countries.

This device is definitely worth the look at for those that travel quite a bit. If I were a regular traveler I would definitely get one of these and by the looks of it on the campaign page many other agree as this item is 425% funded still with a month to go on the campaign.

The world's smallest and most advanced universal travel adapter that saves you money. Chargest is compatible with USA, UK, Europe, Australia and 150 other outlet and plug standards. It charges cable-less up to two mobile devices with its fast-charging Integrated Pins and any other devices with the three USB ports. Stay on the go with Chargest and the 6300 mAh power bank.

Source: IndieGoGo