Chewbacca Inspired LapBook with Intel Apollo Lake CPU

I'm not 100% sure if this "LapBook" is really inspired from Disneys/LucasFilms Chewbacca caracter, and thankfully it's not hairy. It is however, from a manufacturer called Chuwi (pronounced Chewie - see the connection?) and it's a pretty amazing piece of kit for the price. The Apollo Lake CPU is Intel's latest "Atom" processor and when combined with 4GB od RAM, 64GB storage, dual-band WiFi and more, it's a pretty solid device. It could easily replace your Chromebook and do so with more power, more functionality and great battery life. It's worth keeping on eye on for sure.

Chuwi LapBook

Chinese manufacturer Chuwi has released numerous Windows 10 devices over the last 18 months, including the Vi8 Plus mini-tablet, the Hi12 slate, and the HiBook 2-in-1. The company is now preparing to launch another addition to its range, offering a similar mix of affordability and ample specs for casual users.

Source: Neowin