Crucial MX300 750GB SSD Review - MX300 Testing

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Crucial MX300 750GB SSD Review
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For our testing of the Crucial MX300 we’ve run the drive through 4 different testing programs which should help us get a pretty good idea of how this drive compares with other drives we’ve tested in the past.



With the AS SSD testing suite we saw in the Read test the MX300 was towards the top in most tests. There was a noticeable improvement over the previous MX100 and M500 drives Crucial. Different controllers do better in certain tests but we saw in this testing the MX300 was top 3 in all tests, while others excelled in one test but then came in last in others.





The Write tests in AS SSD were similar, the MX300 was towards the top in all of the tests and performed well in all of the tests, even coming out on top of the 4K test.


ATTO Read & Write:

ATTO is another synthetic testing suite which gives you a ton of information about how your drive performs. In this testing you’ll see how files of different sizes affect performance and naturally as the file sizes get bigger the performance increases. 

ATTO - Read


ATTO Write


In the read testing the MX300 drive held up pretty decently. For the smaller files sizes the Mushkin Eco2 drive was able to outperform it (using the SMI controller), but then once you get to reads, the Vertex drive from OCZ (using the Indilinx controller) was still on top. I think the moral of the story is that each controller does better in certain tests but a drive like the MX300 was towards the top in both read and write, unlike others who were tops on read and towards the bottom on writes (or vice versa).


On the next page we'll continue with a few more tests.