Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver

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Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver
Lighting Up the Firefly

Product: Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver
Provided By: Tunai Creative
Price: $49.99 MSRP at time of publication



Every now and then a product comes along that is super handy, well-designed, well thought-out and actually looks good. The Firefly from Tunai Creative is just such a product and it simply and easily takes your wired audio system and quickly turns it into a Bluetooth-enabled wireless receiver. The application can be for car audio as well as home audio and is a much more compact solution that many others that are on the market - including Chromecast Audio. It's truly plug-and-play and offers simplicity as its biggest feature.


The Firefly appears to be little more than a short USB cable with an 1/8th inch audio plug on one end to plug into the audio system of your choice. It's really that compact and simple. There are no buttons, no settings, no software and setup is as simply as pairing your device to the Firefly once it's plugged in.

The Firefly does come with a few accessories however as we can see when we open the package. 

Firefly Packaged

Inside the package we find an extension cable for use if your USB port is not right near your auxiliary jack, as well as an extension that features RCA-type connectors for hooking to legacy home stereo systems, mixers, etc. Between these two options, you should be good to go for many applications.

As you can see. It's super simple. Simple is good - if the quality is on par with the specifications. Speaking of specifications, let's take a quick look before we plug this in, pair it to our device and give it a go.


Firefly Bundle



  • Bluetooth v4.0 with backward compatible
  • Pure copper with gold plated connector
  • Support A2DP v1.2, SPP
  • Supprt AAC, MP3 and SBD decoder
  • Support Party Mode, max 2 device connection at the same time
  • Stored up to 8 paired devices
  • 33ft or 10m connection distance, without interference
  • Input voltage : 5V



  • MOST TINY - Simple beauty lies in exquisite compact design. No more space limitation.
  • AUTHENTIC SOUND - Firefly supports AAC/MP3 high quality audio format , sound revitalization technology, pure copper cable and golden plated connector to minimize distortion and preserve the most immersive music experience.
  • PLUG&PLAY - Simply plug&play and supports all apps.
  • TRANSFORM TO WIRELESS - Party mode allows two devices to play music in turn at the same time. Share your music, you and I can all be a DJ.


The claims are not outrageous. They seem to be well-grounded and even Tunai Creative seems to focus on simplicity and performance rather than flash and glitter. On the next page, we'll take a look and see how this translates to real-world usage.