Lucid Air EV to Give Tesla Run for Money

There are getting to be more and more electric cars on the road and as the technology matures, there are some companies that keep on the cutting edge in terms of design and performance. In the last few years, the name Tesla has stood out, but there is another new player to the Luxury EV game - and that company is Lucid Motors.  They have an amazing pre-production model on the road and it will be interesting to see how much of the awesome they keep with the final model.

It's an odd feeling lying in the back of a vehicle, staring up through its glass roof. But I could get used to it. In fact, who could be bothered to ride shotgun when you can nap your way to your destination? But the Air isn't just about going fast and being comfortable (both of which are an integral part of the American dream). There's a lot of technology inside of these cars.

Source: Engadget