Nintendo Switch Specs - Lower than Promised - As Expected

The Nintendo Switch originally promised some pretty impressive specifications and performance as they claimed it would rival the PS4. We doubted that very much. Once we saw the form factor, we knew it couldn't be true. Now Nintendo reveals that the hardware inside their little console is much lower in performance than the PS4. That came as a shock. Not really. Not at all actually. Nintendo has never relied on graphics quality and performance. They rely and gameplay, great titles and replayability. Hopefully the Switch delivers on a few of those.

Switch’s visual capabilities could still satisfy most gamers. Nintendo has implied it can handle realistic-looking games like Skyrim and NBA 2K in the trailer for the system. Considering the context that the Switch is both a portable gaming device as well as a home console, it may even surprise people with its older Maxwell hardware. 

Source: VentureBeat