Samsung Notebook 9 Update

The Samsung Notebook 9 has received some upgrades in terms of build style, quality and performance. This comes in either 13-inch or 15-inch versions and weighs in as little as 1.8 pounds. Thankfully, while the Notebook 9 is light on weight, it is heavy on performance and options. You can snag this beast with a full Core i7 CPU, 16GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. Thankfully it packs in a 1080p screen, and with options like that it should still get pretty decent battery life. If you need a light and powerful unit, keep in mind that the MacBook weighs in at 2lbs, and this is bigger, faster and arguably better.

From a design standpoint, the new computer looks a bit different than the original. It has a bit more of a distinctive flavor and looks less like a MacBook Air clone. The whole machine is a lighter shade of silver and grey, with keys to match (rather than the black key caps that marked the previous model). And Samsung added in a fingerprint scanner here -- so if you liked the TouchID scanner in the new MacBook Pro but hated everything else, the Notebook 9 might work for you.

Source: Engadget