How to Suck at Apps - Be Nintendo

First of all, no one can deny the success of Pokemon Go. That being said, while the IP is Nintendo, the design and production was not Nintendo. It was 3rd Party and even though I'm not a fan of the game, it's a solid win. Moving on to Nintendo's own Super Mario Run, they release exclusively for iOS (until 2017 when it will launch on Android), and charge a heft price tag as there are no in-game purchases. So far, I'm not hating that much. Now however, the announce that there will be no additional content produced for the game. That $10 you spent gets you everthing you see and nothing more. That's not the way to reward people who spent money and it will reflect on their next game sales I'm sure.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo has no plans for “additional content, either free or paid” in Super Mario Run. That information comes directly from a company representative.

Source: NintendoEverything