Rogue One Resurrects Actors with CGI

If you want to see how Rogue One manages to resurrect actors from earlier films using CGI, you'll have to click the link below, but there are many spoilers. The news here is that while CGI done right can really pull out pieces of history into a modern film, the downside is that it will likely be used too much, distort the reality of the film and in the end be more of a drawback than an asset. Still, if you've seen the new Star Wars film, you'll know what I mean. Comments below are always welcome.

You probably didn't expect many surprises in Rogue One, the first Star Wars "side story" which details how, exactly, the Rebel Alliance acquired the plans for the Death Star. Indeed, the entire film seems to exist just to fill in a bit of background detail for A New Hope, our first Luke Skywalker adventure. But it turns out Rogue One is much more than an elaborate bit of fan service. It's surprisingly harrowing, genuinely moving and it'll likely go down as a milestone for digital-actor resurrection.

Source: Engadget