Is Twitter 'toast'?

Twitter isn't have a great month (or year) as their stock continues to drop, top executives keep leaving, and analysts are saying your company is 'toast' and your rapidly falling stock is overvalued still. Basically its been a tough 2016 for Twitter and 2017 is looking like it could be even worse unless something magically happens and brings users and investors back. CNBC takes a closer at Twitter and predicts why they are 'toast'. 

Twitter is "toast" as a company and the stock is not even worth $10, according to a research note published Tuesday, following the departure of another top executive at the social media service.

The microblogging platform's chief technology officer, Adam Messinger, tweeted that he would leave the company and "take some time off", while Josh McFarland, vice president of product at Twitter, also said he was exiting the company. Both executives announced their departure on Tuesday.