Linux marketshare increasing?

Linux has been seeing its marketshare rise and for the 2nd month in a row has seen their share grow. Linux of course has a long ways to go to catch Microsoft and Apple, but they've risen to a little over 2% marketshare after sitting at 1% for years and years. The popularity (and cheap prices) of chromebooks is speculated to be why people are giving Linux a try as Windows needs more power than what Chromebooks offer (and make the price higher thanks to their licensing fees). OMGChrome takes a look at Linux as they (slowly) climb their way up the marketshare charts.

It’s a question many have been asking over the past few months, as open-source enthusiasts rallied around reports that show Linux marketshare gaining ground for another consecutive month.

‘Why?’, many asked. Why now, after years of loitering around ~1% mark is Linux lifting off? Why are stat counters and markshare analysts suddenly finding more beans to count in the penguins’ corner?

The answer could be Chromebooks.