PC Games Generated 442% More Revenue That Consoles in 2016

The gaming industry keeps crying that PC gaming is dead and that is why they've dropped dedicated servers and make horrible interfaces for games as many developers merely port over the game - or the UI from the console. The fact is that PC gaming is currently much more alive than console gaming. In 2016, console games generated a revenue of an incredible $6.6 Billion. That pales in comparison however to PC game sales that generated $35.8 Billion. I think it's high time that developers quit screwing over PC gamers and optimized the game for the platform that is providing them the biggest source of income. 

SuperData noted that games like League of Legends and even my favorite, Overwatch, "drive enthusiasm". They also noted that PC gamers recognized a "big improvement with the release of a new generation of graphics cards, offering a 40% increase in graphics power and a 20% reduction of power consumption" - thanks to AMD's release of the Radeon RX 400 series, and NVIDIA's popular GeForce GTX 10 series of graphics cards.

Source: TweakTown