CyanogenMod Dies, Lineage OS Lives On

There was a little bit of news over the holiday weekend, including the news that CyanogenMod is shutting down. This was perhaps the best Android-based OS made - even better than pure Android - as they worked feverishly to make older phones work well, optimize battery life, power management and more. All this work has cost them too much however and now CyanogenMod is shutting it's doors. If you currently use their OS, don't totally despair (just yet), Lineage OS has taken up the reigns and will continue to work and make this branch of Android live on.

As an independent team, Lineage will once again need to get the infrastructure required for developers working on the open source code made available by Cyanogen. The OS is still in its inception phase and it would take some time for us to see any progress from the newly formed unit.

Source: Neowin