Microsoft to be the First Trillion Dollar Company

So Apple is doing quite well, and Google really doesn't have a lot to fear (in the near future) in terms of their mobile platform and search. It is interesting however that it is Microsoft that is set up to be the first company to hit a trillion dollar value - thanks to the acquisition of LinkedIn. It is absolutely mind blowing that the company's different business ventures all total up to $1,000,000,000,000.00. Zing!

Explaining why, he first points out Microsoft's free cash flow yield, which is reportedly the highest of all the contenders. Secondly, the LinkedIn acquisition expands the company's price/earnings (P/E) multiple. Lastly, Markowski sees that Microsoft will play a key part in social investing community (SIC), which will help make online equity crowdfunding ubiquitous.

Source: Neowin