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Linksys Velop Whole Home (Mesh) WiFi
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Product: Linksys Velop 3-Pk for Large Home
Provided By: Linksys
Price: $649.99 CDN MSRP as Configured at Launch



Back in mid-December, I had the opportunity to sit in on a conference with Linksys as they discussed the direction they were going in 2017 with a few of their networking products. They talked about the trend of gaming routers, high-bandwidth demands, quality of service concerns and mesh networking. The products discussed included some new WRT gear as well as the "Velop" system we have been playing with for the past few weeks. Velop is a scalable mesh networking system claims to be simple to setup, manage, expand and use. We're going to find out today, just how simple it is and if it simply works as advertised.

Velop Box Front Velop Box Back


The Velop system will be available in single, double or even the triple node configuration we have today. The system will scale in price, but your best value-per-node will obviously be the three node system. Either way you go, mesh is not cheap, but if you want the simplicity and power that it offers, you have to pay a bit extra right now. I'm sure that once more companies start offering systems with this technology, the price will drop, but there is a cost to being an early adopter on a commercial-level technology for your home.

If you are unsure of what "mesh" is, make sure to refresh yourself at this link. To sum up and simplify, mesh is a network structure that is scalable and it uses the same SSID across all nodes and can switch between nodes seamlessly - much like cellular phones can hop towers when you drive. There is more to it than that of course, but that is the basic idea.


First Look:

By the time you read this article, Velop will be commercially available as they will launch at CES 2017. The retail package should be the same and in truth, the package and setup is very well done. Inside the magnetically-closed-box are the Velop nodes, all snuggled down in the box and wrapped with a paper sleeve to prevent scuffing during the journey to your home. Under the material on the left side are the power adapters and single networking cable used to connect the first node directly to your modem.

Velop - Inside the Box


All in all, the bundle is pretty much exactly what you'd expect from Linksys. It's pretty basic, but they give you everything you need. At the time of writing, I had to install an App for my phone via a direct *.APK install as the Velop app wasn't available in the Google Play Store, but that will change at launch obviously. The Velop will support both iOS and Android.

Velop Bundle

So now that we've seen physically what the new Linksys Velop is, let's jump into some slides they shared back in December to find out more about this setup - as there is currently no product page available.



Please keep in mind that all of the features listed below are of the product prior to its release and there will be more information available directly from Linksys once the product launches. In the meantime, please take a look below and see all of the promised goodies, features and performance that you get with Velop.

Velop Features


Velop Features


Velop Features


On the next page, we'll take a bit of a closer look at what the Velop promises and compare that quickly to other products currently on the market.