Thecus W2810PRO NAS - Powered By Windows Server

With all of the Linux powered NAS products on the market, it's getting pretty hard for companies to set themselves apart. QNAP, Thecus, ASUStor and Synology all have very good products with similar processors, similar software packages and similar performance. The new Thecus W2810PRO is a bit of a fresh take on the NAS market as this unit is powered by Windows Storage Server 2012. I'm not sure why they went with 2012 - maybe the licenses were cheaper. Check out the review and see how it stacks up.

Then there's the case where the NAS vendor is great at hardware but just can't seem to make the custom OS easy to use. That was definitely the case when I looked at the Thecus N7710-G, a device with 10Gb/sec speed, but a terrible user interface. So what did Thecus do to help remedy the situation? They released the W2810PRO, a product that uses Microsoft's Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Essentials (just rolls off the tongue) as the OS.

Source: Neowin