GeIL and EpicGear @ CES 2017

Chances are good you've heard of GeIL memory (they've been around since 1993) and of course at CES 2017 they've got some new products to add to their lineup of memory products. Notable products that you'll see from GeIL in 2017 is a new version of their LUCE memory which they are dubbing SUPER LUCE. Biggest feature on the SUPER LUCE is new lighting options that will allow you to customize your color scheme and adds a breathing effect which will alert you visually if your temperatures are getting too hot.


EpicGear is a little newer name (launched in 2011) and is the gaming peripherals arm of GeIL. EpicGear has a full lineup of devices, keyboards, mice, headsets, they've got you covered. We had the chance to review their new Thunderouz headset a couple weeks ago and were pleasently surprised at how it performed.

New for 2017, EpicGear has announced their 50 Cal gaming set, which will get you one of their keyboards, mouse, and headset (plus all the accessories that these devices come with) all in a nice hard case to protect your gear on the way to the next LAN party.

EpicGear 50 Cal Gaming Set

EpicGear was also showing off their new Morphax gaming mouse. There are other companies who offer "modular" gaming mice, however, EpicGear has them beat with the Morphax as you literally can change every component to suit your needs. Want an optical sensor instead of a laser sensor? Good news, the Morphax comes with both so you can easily switch between the two. They've also give you 2 different types of switches to suit your click style. Need more weight? No problem, the Morphax comes with weights that can be added or removed depending on your tastes. If all those options aren't enough, you'll also be able to change the faceplates to change the color of the mouse. All of this comes in a nice case so you won't lose those extra bits and pieces.

EpicGear Morphax Gaming Mouse

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