Hisense Press Conference at CES 2017

One of our first CES press conferences this year was Hisense - and while they don't often spring to the forefront of your mind when it comes to TVs, perhaps they should. They talked about a few new technologies this year. One of the new features of their 4K TVs uses a new technology called ULED. This is a bit of an upgrade over OLED and it offers a wider color gamut, broad color palette and images look better and more detailed.

Using a different technology all together, they have updated their Laser Cast projectors with sizes up to 100-inches. These look very impressive and will be relatively affordable for the size of the displayed image. Laser Cast is super bright at 2700 lumens and with the vivid colors, it is a beautiful image.



Hisense also adds 4K Roku Dolby vision and deepens their commitment to 4K by providing curated 4K content channels on the TV with their 4KCom now channel. Combined with Roku and a refreshed app store, you'll have enough 4K content to keep you happy as long as you need.



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