Samsung Press Conference at CES 2017

Samsung's press conference was an interesting affair today as they opened with a cool video and then promptly addressed the elephant in the room - the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and then interjected that they still saw global smartphone growth this past year.


With that quickly out of the way, they moved onto other things - like their new QLED TVs. These new TVs utilize a new technique to pull even better image quality and performance out of quantum dots and the results are pretty impressive. Even at a distance the images from these TVs look incredible. The big kicker will be if a person can actually tell the difference between last years models and this years models side-by-side. Both look so impressive that my money is on the fact that you can't, but either way, Samsung needs to try and help divert attention away from this past years struggles.



Samsung has some new PC products coming this year as well that offer a few new feature improvements and overall updates that will keep them current for the next year. For more information, or to watch their entire press conference, check out the link here.

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