ZOTAC @ CES 2017

New from ZOTAC for 2017 is a refresh of their Zbox lineup with the new Intel Kaby Lake CPUs, NVIDIA 1070 graphics, and also adding Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. The updated hardware makes the Zbox even more powerful and functional. The Zbox Magnus EN1070K will be one of the updated Zbox systems that will be taking full advantage of the updated hardware and increased graphics capabilities.

Xbox Magnus EN1070K

The VR Go setup from ZOTAC offers users the ability to experience VR in a portable package. The VR GO, in conjunction with the HTC Vive, makes for a pretty unique VR experience. The VR GO allows you to strap the entire setup on your back and eliminate the cables that other VR systems have. This is a tough one to describe but check out ZOTAC's site for more info on the VR GO.


ZOTAC will also be offering a new external graphics enclosure in 2017 which takes full advantage of the new Thunderbolt 3 connectivity that their updated Zbox devices will have. This devices is still in prototype, but will have a 400 watt enclosed power supply that will allow you to add full sized graphics cards to your Zbox to add desktop graphics power to your Zbox device.

ZOTAC External Graphics Enclosure


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More information on ZOTAC and their products can be found here.