Opening Keynote at CES 2017

Nvidia brought some big announcements to CES this year with the major categories being their car and home AI systems, Streaming with Facebook Live, Geforce Now (cloud/ OnDemand gaming), The new version of the Shield system, Nvidia Spot microphone, Google Assistant for the connected home and auto AI systems, BB8 car with AI autopilot and AI Co-pilot, Along with partnerships with many mapping and auto supplier companies. (Mapping - Baidu, TomTom, Zenrin, here) (Auto suppliers - ZF, Bosch, Audi)

Opening Keynote


Starting with streaming, Gamers now have the ability to stream right to Facebook using Facebook Live using the Geforce experience app. The new version of the Shield allows for streaming of Netflix and Amazon prime over wifi to your TV in 4k along with becoming an integral part of the Nvidia home AI system. The Nvidia Spot microphone works seamlessly with the home AI system and if there are multiple ones, they can be used to triangulate your position.

Opening Keynote


Geforce Now is Nvidia’s product for cloud gaming and gaming on demand. Basically you download steam or the game OS you are using through the Geforce Now app. Once installed and logged in, you should see your whole game library and then be able to download and play each game within minutes. In-order to play you have to pay 25 dollars to purchase 20 gaming hours, and once the hours are up you would have to purchase more in order to keep playing. This kind of system is designed for the gamer that does not want to keep large games on their computer, as well as the casual gamer that does not necessarily have the system to run all of the best games.

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