Sennheiser @ CES 2017

Stopping by Sennheiser at CES is always a fun experience and the ability to check out and listen to their new products seldom disappoints. On the headphone side of the business, Sennheiser has a couple of updated model that add Bluetooth capabilities and other minor revisions.


On the audio recording side though Sennheiser was showing off some new cool products to help you record better audio, which in turn can be played back and enjoyed even more on their headphones. Sennheiser has worked with GoPro to offer a microphone to add onto the GoPro for great audio recording (MKE 2 microphone). Also they've come up with a microphone that can be used with your iPhone to get a much superior audio recording (ClipMic Digital). They also introduced the HandMic Digital, which is a high grade mic that is built for portable recording applications such as podcasts, etc.

Sennheiser MKE 2 Mic, ClipMic Digital, and HandMic Digital Microphones

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