Ford at CES 2017

Each year Ford comes to CES to show off their latest Sync and MyTouch upgrades as well as more Eco-friendly vehicles as well as some of the pure power and engineering that Ford can pull off. Their latest Ford GT always gets a lot of attention as well as all the shiny new vehicles with more and larger screens as well as their luxury line.

Ford GT


On the technical side of things, we've followed along with the autonomous vehicle program for the past few years and this segment keeps growing, adapting and changing. The platform that they've featured the past couple of years at CES was the Fusion Hybrid and there have been a few significant changes to the vehicle since last year.

Fusion Hybrid Autonomous


The positioning of the LiDAR as well as more sensors on top of the car help negate weather and environmental, smog, and fog issues. The algorithms help keep everything running smoothly and in the end, Ford's goal is to have a fully autonomous fleet in mass production by 2021. While that number seems like a long ways off, it's a mere 5 years and they are well on their way to deliver on that goal.

Ford doesn't believe in the level 3 (assisted autonomous car) as in reality the driver would disconnect from the experience and then have to suddenly engage after hours of boredom. Instead Ford wants to go full autonomous off the bat and things are looking good for them.



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