Pricing Speculation on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo's Switch is supposed to be coming this quarter and there is no solid word on pricing just yet. However, current pricing in Japan is set to be about 25,000 Yen, which should put it at $214 with current exchange rate. Once you factor in shipping and taxes, it looks like it a price point of $250 USD is pretty much expected. For that price, I believe it will do quite well, as long as there are a few great new titles (not rewarmed to work on the Switch) at launch. Time will tell, but this is probably the most I've been excited about any console since the Xbox 360's initial launch.

In terms of how a price like that would look in stores alongside rival systems, at present Xbox One S bundles at a major retailer in the US (GameStop) are currently between $299.99 and $349.99, with the newer PS4 Slim (plus a game) also typically costing $299.99. In these cases at least one game is normally included, and of course various deals and bundles can be found around the web. As baseline prices at a major retailer, though, they give an idea of where a $250 Switch would stand.

Source: NintendoLife