Mushkin at CES 2017

Muskin has been one of my favorite stops at CES over the past few years for one simple reason. They release a small selection of refined products each year. While there is a trend to release a ton of products and saturate the market with SKUs, Mushkin does things a little different. This year they announced their first M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD. This little beauty features the new 2280 controller - which is the same controller used on Samsung's new 960 Pro drives. The drive performance is spectacular and it should be available very soon.



On the other side of the standard SATA interface, we have the return and update of the Reactor and Triactor series of drives. These new drives feature 3D NAND memory and a Silicon Motion SM2258 processor. While the performance isn't quite up to their PCIe drives, the fact is even the slower processor will still pretty much saturate the 600Mbps SATA interface found on today's motherboards. 


Mushkin was also showing off a couple of more consumer friendly devices such as the Reactor WiFi. This is a small drive enclosure that contains a a drive, WiFi network with router/hotspot capabilities as well as a power bank. This would be idea for traveling and sharing video as well as keeping yourself a bit more secure behind your own WiFi network. The other new product from Mushkin is the Carbon KB-001. This is a super nice looking keyboard that features an aluminum frame, mechanical switches and full RGB lighting. That's right, this keyboard sounds like it's the same thing that everyone has for sale right now. The difference though is price. Mushkin plans on bringing this very svelte keyboard to market for under $80. That would be huge and would make an RGB keyboard (with built-in memory) easily attainable for pretty much everyone.

Carbon KB-001

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More information about Mushkin can be found on their website.