ROCCAT at CES 2017

ROCCAT's CES 2017 demo consisted of three intriguing mice, and their new mouse sensor technology The Owl-Eye, along with refreshes of two of their keyboards. The two keyboards that got refreshes are the Isku+ and the Isku+ Force FX. The Isku+ got some minor changes but the big one was the finish that surrounds the keyboard keys, as instead of the the glossy black finish that was a bit easy to scratch at times, the new finish is like the outer edges of the keyboard that has a more textured feel to it. The other significant change was the backlight for the keys; it’s more of a softer blue color now. The Isku+ Force FX got the same changes the Isku+ did but if also got the new pressure sensitive technology. This neat tech basically allows you to use the WASD keys as multiple keys, lets say a normal press of W would have you walking/running forward, well now a half press of the key could have you change stance while a full press could move you forward in the new stance. Another option would be for games that have lean buttons, a player could lean left on a half press of A while a full press of A would strafe them left.



The Kone EMP takes the reigns from the Kone XTD and brings with it RGB lighting and ergonomic features for medium to big hands but the major feature that it comes with is the new Owl-Eye sensor. The Owl-Eye sensor is a PixArt sensor that has been modified to the high standards that ROCCAT strives for. Kone Pure 2017 sports the same Owl-Eye sensor but is lighter and smaller than the Kone EMP.



The LEADR is ROCCAT’s first serious wireless mouse for gamers, sporting the same Owl-Eye sensor as the other two mice. This beast of a mouse is equipped with a 1000Hz polling rate and a 2.4GHz data transmission for non-existent lag with virtually no latency. The sleek docking station has a top-up cable that can be detached from the dock and directly to the mouse just encase the 20-hour battery is running low. 

Leadr Top Bottom


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