Nintendo Switch

We've finally got some details about the Nintendo Switch console thanks to a new conference from Nintendo today. While there are still a few questions about the console we did find out that the switch will be a 720p experience on the tablet (1080p when hooked to your TV) and is being powered by a custom Tegra CPU from NVIDIA. The amount of storage space isn't huge (32GB) but you'll be able to add more storage via microSD cards. All of this will run you $299 USD at launch which is probably a low enough price to get a few people to get in the pre-order line. The Verge has a few more details.

In addition to the wealth of news surrounding the Switch that Nintendo announced at its Tokyo event tonight, we finally got some concrete details on the hardware specifications of Nintendo’s latest console.

The Nintendo Switch device offers a 6.2-inch, 720p multitouch display that runs at a 1280 x 720 resolution when used in a handheld mode. When docked, the Switch is capable of outputting full 1080p visuals through an HDMI connection to an attached TV. Nintendo says that the Switch runs off a custom Nvidia Tegra processor, but hasn’t released more specific details.