PIQ at CES 2017

BCCHardware primarily focuses on computer hardware first and consumer electronics second, but every now and then there is a product that stretches our interest and diverts our attention. Most wearables (in my opinion) are little more than hi-tech jewelry, but PIQ has come along with a "Sports Intelligence" unit that has grabbed our attention as it is a unique product that offers a lot of possibilities. The heart of the PIQ technology is their PIQ ROBOT. This looks like some sort of rubberized sensor, but is in fact an entire computer as it stores data and more inside this 1.5-inch square unit. Depending on the sport, it may fit in the back of a glove, fit on your ankle or some other non-obtrusive place. It logs force, speed and other data as it tracks your movement and performance during skiing, kiteboarding, golf, tennis and boxing. PIQ is adding more sports as well, but they want to work with partners as they go to ensure the best experience for the end user.


The PIQ ROBOT is thin. It comes in at less than 1/4-inch and houses a fair bit of hardware as you can see from the company page linked below. Right now, PIQ is just involved in the five aforementioned sports, but they have plans to keep on expanding. I'd like to see the PIQ become involved in shooting sports as the sensor could easily be configured for shot detection as well as movement or jerking prior to the shot.

While there are different kits for each sport, you can use the PIQ ROBOT for all of them. It can be setup for whatever your're doing and that helps minimize cost. Also, it helps keep you from having a bunch of different units around when you're only participating in one at a time.



The golf kit comes with additional tags for each of your clubs (18 included) and this makes the golf kit a bit more expensive than the other kits. Still, for $280, full swing analysis of each shot as you golf - all day, can show how your digress as you get fatigued on the 18th hole. It's a very interesting concept, a simple design and a brilliant idea. We hope to be getting one of these for our resident ski pro, Jay Morrison. BCCHardware is located up in the frozen north, so I'm glad they have something that is more useful to us that kiteboarding.

For more information about PIQ, please check their site. You can check out more images from our visit with them here, and check out all of our CES coverage over here.