Samsung at CES 2017

I was able to attend both the Samsung Press Conference as well as take a tour through the Samsung booth this year and in the light of the dismal last quarter, the overall feeling was a little muted. That's not to say Samsung doesn't have some great products - they do indeed. It just seems that the shadow of the Note 7 put a bit of a melancholy on the company at this CES. What they were excited about though was their "new" QLED TVs. This is an evolution of the quantum-dot technology that we saw from a few top-tier companies last year and Samsung has upgraded the technology with a metallic alloy that gives truer colors (over a billion colors) as well as deeper blacks, better energy efficiency and the ability to perform right along with OLED in terms of stunning vibrance - with a longer lifespan than they claim OLED will achieve. Only time will tell if this is marketing speak, or if there is truth to it. Either way, their TVs now use a micro-thin cable, some of the best curved panels in the business and a super-simple remote that simply works with every device you have in your home - whether it be Xbox, Hitachi DVD player, set-top boxes or even a Roku. One real remote + an App that works better than ever.



Samsung is also pushing into the high-end style of TVs that use their near-invisible cable and the TV itself is designed to blend into you artistic home. It's a rather simple idea, but not one that we've seen before. The TV looks like a piece of art hanging on your wall - complete with a matted framed picture. The is part of their Q-Style series and it offers the same features you'd expect from a high-end Samsung TV, but with very sophisticated style. At first, it was hard to tell which image was the TV on the wall, until you start thinking aspect ratios. Either way, it looks great is and has a fit for customers that want something to blend into their room, rather than stand out.

Q Style


For a quick glimpse of the QLED TV, watch this video below as it's clearly meant (and did) impress.


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