Deepcool at CES 2017

Deepcool is one of the companies that very people here in North America have heard of - unit last year when the brought the Tristellar case to the market and blew all of our minds. They have quite a selection of cases and cooling products though and it is worth taking a look to see if you can find some of their products around before you start your next build. They make AiO liquid cooling products and have updated them for 2017 with RGB lighting as well as white versions. The white version feature white fan housing, white radiators and a white pump housing. White version come in both 240mm and 120mm versions.

If you want a great gaming case with fantastic cooling, their Dukase Liquid is a great choice. It comes with a Captain 240EX installed and has a visible flow indicator. While this is not necessary, I've had a pump fail on a different system in the past. The system ran fine, but suffered thermal slowdowns under load. Being able to see if the liquid was flowing would have greatly helped troubleshoot quicker.


Note: The GPU Riser-cable is included


They have a new ASUS ROG-edition case with RGB lighting that can be controlled by the ASUS motherboard software that is used to control RGB on memory and other components. This is a nifty idea as it requires less software to be installed and you can synchronise your case lighting with your pump lighting, RAM lighting and fan lighting. While that may not be important for everyone, it's a great idea that deserves a look if you're building with ASUS motherboards.

Deepcool also has dived into the tempered glass case market with their ARK 90 - and it is gorgeous. It won't be available until May however. Also on the tempered glass side of things is their new Earlkase Liquid. It also features RGB lighting and is possibly one of my favorites. On the opposite side as the glass panel is a bunch of "Dragon Scale" vents that look pretty sweet. 

Dragon Scale Vents


Deepcool has also released the Quadstellar case - which is an update to their famous and much-sought-after Tristellar case. The Quadstellar has a lot more room in it for "normal" builds, but it lacks the appeal that the Tristellar did. Either way, it's a solid case that will hold more hardware, looks fantastic and comes in at less money than last years Tristellar.



There are a ton of case and cooling options on the market, but Deepcool should be on your short list of considered options as they make very good products and they are priced at bargain prices. I'm looking forward to taking a look at some of their tempered glass products later this year.

We have a bunch more images from our Deepcool visit in the gallery here. Of course you can check our entire CES 2017 coverage right here. Check out Deepcool for all of their products - and upcoming hardware.