A Closer Look at the Nintendo Switch

With only about a month and a half until the Nintendo Switch launches, it has been capturing headlines around the web. I was all set to pre-order it up here in Canada until I saw our inflated price of $400. For that, I won't be pre-ordering, but I'm still interested to see what Nintendo is actually going to deliver. The guys and gals over at the Verge have a look at the upcoming console and give us some details on what we can expect the first week of March.

The console consists of a 6.2-inch 720p display, with the ability to attach two Joy-Cons to either side of the tablet portion. It’s tablet hardware that’s designed to be used at home in a special Switch Dock, or on the road with the Joy-Cons either attached or detached for wire-free play. There’s even a Joy-Con Grip to house both the sections into a single controller.

Source: TheVerge