ROCCAT Cross Multi-Platform Gaming Headset - Features, Specifications and More

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ROCCAT Cross Multi-Platform Gaming Headset
Features, Specifications and More
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The following list of features and specifications have been pulled from the ROCCAT product page for the Cross and posted here for your convenience. If you want all the details and full product information, please check the product page here.

High portability doesn’t mean low quality sound. The Cross is designed as a primary headset for world-beating audio everywhere, not a secondary device with convenience as its only benefit. Head and shoulders above the competition in its class, the Cross provides unmatched audio quality. It features large 50mm neodymium magnet driver units for studio-grade stereo sound with deep bass, perfect for gaming, calls, music and movies. With earcups and driver units aligned perfectly to your ear, it guarantees top quality sound at home and on the go.

Designed for today, adaptable to the future. That is the ROCCAT® philosophy, and the Cross has it ingrained in its DNA. It represents a headset optimized for every gamer’s portfolio of devices. That means that whether you’re playing a mobile game while waiting for your bus or hours into a marathon PC-gaming session, it’s perfect for each scenario. Not only is it compatible with all the leading devices such as PC, Mac, mobile, PS4 and Xbox One*, it’s purpose built with them in mind, for a totally fluid experience for gamers.

Volume Control

Volume Control


In line with its promise to offer a fluid, multi-platform experience, the Cross comes complete with dual microphones – one designed for PC and one designed for mobile. Each of the two mics is built in to an anti-tangle cable, both of which are provided with the Cross. The mics are detachable and plug into a neatly-placed port on the underside of the left earcup. Out and about? Use the discreet and unobtrusive in-line mic. Gaming at home? Use the boom-arm mic. Swappable in seconds.

Unmatched audio quality and seamless adaptability are worth nothing if the ergonomics aren’t on point. And why rock it on the streets if it doesn’t look fresh? The Cross solves this by focusing down on what style and comfort means in terms of gaming audio. The result is an on-trend headset with an understated black design. It provides a snug, streamlined fit with memory foam earpads that adapt uniquely to each wearer provide a new level of comfort. At only 185 grams in weight, it’s over 70 grams lighter than competing headsets in the same class. Despite its weight, it’s durability and robustness are outstanding, for superior comfort that can keep up with your lifestyle.


  • UNMATCHED AUDIO QUALITY - 50mm neodymium drivers for studio audio with deep bass
  • AERODYNAMIC DESIGN, LOW WEIGHT - perfect for extended wear, weighs only 185 grams
  • IDEAL FOR EVERY PLATFORM - works great with PC, Mac, mobile, PS4 and Xbox One*
  • DETACHABLE DUAL MICROPHONES - swappable: boom-arm mic for PC, in-line mic for mobile
  • MEMORY FOAM EARPADS - max comfort uniquely adapted to each wearer
  • VOLUME CONTROL - quick-access volume control on left ear-cup





  • DIMENSIONS / WEIGHT - Width 14.9 cm., Height 19.6 cm., Length 8.0 cm., Weight 185 g
  • SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS - 3.5mm jack socket required

Extended Headband
Headband Extended


The Cross headset really does shine in way of installation; all you must do is plug in the cable for the device you want to use; either computer or mobile/console, plug it into the device and away you go!


On the next page, we'll jump into testing and then wrap things up with our final thoughts on the ROCCAT Cross multi-platform headset.