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Now we have come to the part of the review we have both been waiting for; the how-good-is-it stage. The first thing I did with the Cross headset was to plug them into my gaming rig and start playing. I generally played combat games and I must say the sound was great. There is not an overwhelming amount of bass, but that is a good thing; the sound remained clear and distinct even in the heat of battle!

When I retired from my gaming I went to music playing and I was not disappointed either. I tried it out of multiple styles ranging from metal to rock to hip-hop and all sounded great with appropriate amounts of bass.

On the mic end, it performed well enough, the sound had a bit of feedback but it didn’t ever cut out, that being said, for the hundred-dollar price tag I would have like a little bit better mic. Flexibility in the mic is top notch, being able to move it up or down back or forth. The nylon sheathed cable also seems to be of optimal length for PC usage.

I eventually tired of being at my desk so I went to go relax and play some console games. After switching to the mobile/console cable and plugging it into the bottom of my controller, I went at it again! The sound performed mostly the same except for when I had it plugged into my PS4 controller, I notice I would get a tiny cut out of audio from time to time, which isn’t the worst thing in the world but would prefer not to have it happen; although it didn’t do it for my Xbox One or Chromebook.

In-Line Microphone
In-Line Microphone


The mic for the mobile cable captured sound pretty well, again with some feedback, although I pleasantly surprised for how it worked for an in-line mic. For mobile devices, the Cross shines quite well. The inline mic also has a button on the side of it for different things; on Apple devices, it can answer calls, end calls, switch songs forwards and back, pause songs, as well as fast forwarding and rewinding. Sadly, for Android users the only functions you get are to pause songs and also answer and hang up calls.

On a separate note, the cable switch for this headset is so simple, just pull one male end out and put the other in. You can’t even mess up which end you plug in considering they have a certain shape on one end the fits with the headset itself.

Build quality is something I must mention as well. The plastic used seems to be fairly good. All the finishes look and feel high quality. The extending bands are metal on top and plastic on bottom so it should be robust enough to last. Flexibility is also something that I noticed, they twist quite far and easily so it shouldn’t buckle under everyday pressure.


Comfort is on the forefront too. Both the headband and the ear-cups have ample padding to be comfortable but not overheat your head. The Cross doesn’t squeeze your head like a lemon, it simply rests on your head with the slightest bit of tension, and I have a big head. Something I find cool is that the ear-cups are canted at a different angle to the traditional 90 degrees that most are and this adds a lot of comfort to the great fit for my ears.

We have been confronted with good, but that inevitably leads to the bad and the ugly. This won’t take long but these are points worth noting. First on my list is the fit of the boom mic into it’s socket; it has quite a bit of play which makes me wonder how long the connection will remain remotely static. This is my main reason for being leery on modular design headsets. Second is that the mic pickup quality isn’t there yet, with it’s slight bit of feedback. Next, is the lack of support for the many multimedia functions that are supported on Apple devices. My final beef is that the mobile cord is the traditional plastic and not nylon wrapped like its PC counterpart and it is about a foot shorter that I would have liked.

Boom Microphone

Boom Microphone



I find myself with a dilemma. The ROCCAT Cross headset certainly is a good device that works well and sounds great, but with it's minor problems with the mic and its lack of full Android support is it really worth $100 CDN? As much as I'd like to give them a glowing "Must Have", I think the minor issues don't justify the price tag as there are other options that are a bit less money that perform equally well. They are very versatile and work with virtually everything. So here is how it breaks down:



  • Build quality
  • Comfort
  • Price
  • Sound Quality
  • Versatility



  • Mic feedback
  • Boom Mic Fit
  • Lack of Android Functions


At the end of the day, I think they are worth a silver award as I score them at a 8/10 for the versatility, comfort and build quality, but they fall short of our Gold Award as there are a few issues that I’d like to see addressed in the next revision.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this review, please feel free to post in the forum right here.