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For our testing of the ADATA SD700 256GB drive, we've run through a few different testing programs which should help us get a pretty good idea of how this drive compares with other external drives we've tested in the past - as well as one internal SSD for comparison.




Over the years we've gather different data from different drives and unfortunately we don't always run every single test on every single piece of hardware that crosses the bench. As such, this AS-SSD performance comparison shows will just be comparing a couple of external mechanical drives. As such, it's impossible to draw direct comparisons with similar hardware, but it does give you the idea of what kind of performance to expect when moving from an external mechanical drive to an external SSD such as the ADATA SD700.




While the other external drives compared are mechanical drives, we've included them as the ADATA SD700 is a bit of an in-between beast. It doesn't have huge capacity as do many external HDDs, but it's not streamlined for performance as an internal SSD. The benchmarks will show you how it fits in the middle, and what kind of performance you can gain with an external SSD - if you don't need Terabytes of storage. ATTO is another synthetic testing suite which gives you a ton of information about how your drive performs when reading and writing data of different file sizes. Naturally, the larger the file size, the faster the performance. 

ATTO - Read


ATTO - Write

In the read test, the larger Mushkin Eco2 drive won when compared to all the drives, but the ADATA SD700 still performs as claimed and reads files at well over 400MB/sec. That's not a bad showing from an external drive. When it comes to the Write tests, ATTO shows that the ADATA SD700 actually outperforms the Eco2 drive when writing larger files. The Mushkin drive holds the lead up to the 128Kb size, when the rugged little SD700 takes the lead.

On the next page, we'll continue with a few more tests.