ADATA SD700 256GB External SSD - Testing Continued

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Crystal DiskMark:

Crystal DiskMark is probably one of the better know disk benchmark tools out there. The SD700 once again dominated the external mechanical drives, but can't quite keep up to a dedicated internal SSD. This is no fault of the ADATA drive though as it is able to reach awfully close to it's maximum rated speed on our test platform.

Crystal Read


Once we moved onto the write test, we saw the ADATA SD700 pull ahead of the Mushkin Eco2 once again as that drive is obviously optimized for reading files and the ADATA can handle both operations very well.

Crystal Write

AIDA 64:

In the 4th round of testing, we have to put the SD700 up against a couple of internal SSDs as we don't have any data available for the external units. This isn't really a fair comparison as these other drives have been optimized for blistering performance and are connected directly to a SATA interface. Still, the SD700 holds its own against the older Vertex drive and still pushes out numbers that line up pretty close to it's claimed speeds. In the end, that's all we can hope for - is any drive to live up to its claims.


On the last page we'll wrap up with our final thoughts and observations.