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Final Thoughts:

The ADATA SD700 comes in 256GB, 512GB and the overprovisioned 1TB variety. With certain drives, smaller capacities yield slower performance, but according to ADATA, the performance across the entire line is the same. While some people will choose a bigger external drive for a portable backup solution, they often lose out in performance. That's where the SD700 steps in. It has plenty of very fast storage and it won't break the bank. To top it off, it is full IP68 dust-proof and water-proof. This drive has ample storage for you to take with you on a week long trip - or month long trip for that matter. It will store your photos, videos and you can even stuff a few movies on the drive to take along for entertainment.

A drive this size really shines when paired with an Ultrabook or 2-in-1 with limited storage. For day-to-day tasks, these machines have enough storage, but if you're covering a tradeshow, such as CES for example, having extra storage to offload all the pictures and video from each day is great. Plus, with the fast speed of the USB 3.1 interface and SSD storage, you can easily edit videos right off the SD700.

When comparing this drive to other internal SSDs, it will come up short. When comparing it to other mechanical storage solutions, the SD700 offers much more performance about the same price as a 2TB mechanical unit. That's what it comes down to, performance vs. storage. ADATA offers a 2TB Rugged HD710A and this 256GB SD700 for about the same money. The SD700 is way faster on large files and miles ahead when it comes to smaller files - but this speed come at the expensive of storage volume. For the road though, it's pretty hard to beat the SD700. It offers more than enough storage for a good price - and outperforms any USB Flash drive that I've had the opportunity to use.


Size Comparison


In the USA, the price of the 256GB drive is around $95, with the 512GB version coming in at $185. The 1TB version hasn't shipped yet, but I expect it to be available around that $349 price at launch. SSD storage is certainly much more expensive than mechanical storage, but without any moving parts, the SD700 promises to be a lot more rugged.

At the end of the day, this is how it shapes up:



  • Decent Read/Write performance on tested USB 3.0 (not USB 3.1) hardware
  • Included software suite (HDDtoGo) is useful
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Lightweight



  • Performance of USB 3.0 is 640MBps, but drive tops out at 440MBps


While I think ADATA could squeeze a bit more performance out of the SD700, the end result is that it's cheaper than an equal sized flash drive and it's much faster than a similarly priced external mechanical drive. It (almost) lives up to its rated speed - but with the test hardware not supporting USB 3.1, I can't hold ADATA entirely responsible.

The drive does what it sets out to do, and does it well. For that, I find it hard to give it anything less than Gold.



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