The Heart of the Switch is the Goofy Joy-Cons

It's true. The Nintendo Switch really isn't anything all that special in terms of a gaming handheld. There are many companies with tablet ideas that are designed for gaming, and when handheld, the Switch delivers no more than a 720p experience. Plugged into the dock, it ups that game to 1080p, but the real heart of the new console are the two included controllers. Both are motion sensitive, can be used together or separate for two player games, and are actually very comfortable and intuitive to use - unlike the Wiimote.

They're equal parts peculiar and cool. The original Wii was a hit because of its brave attempt to reinvent the games controller, adding smart responsive new control options that coaxed non-gamers into playing. The company is now hoping to repeat that same trick.

Source: Engadget