Cloud Gaming is a Big Thing - Seriously, This Time.

Cloud gaming has been in the works for years and there have been a few companies that have dared bring it to market. One of these was OnLive and they promised "Lag Free Gaming to Any Device". The idea is that they render the game on their computers, stream it to your device, listen for your inputs, send them to their servers, make the input selections in game and then send you back the results in the next frame. Obviously, this didn't work well for them. Now LiquidSky has bellied up to the proverbial bar and tries their hand at it. The claim AAA titles on any device 

If all goes well, LiquidSky won't stay contained in the gaming world. McLoughlin dreams of unifying the technology industry through cloud computing. Just like he's attempting to make every Windows, Mac, Linux and Android device run the same games in the same way, he eventually wants to make cross-platform functionality standard across all industries.

Source: Engadget