Immersive Cooled Gigabyte Server

The video below shows some nifty immersive cooling on a Gigabyte server using some pretty awesome inert liquid hydrocarbon fluid. It's worth a look and a read as to how Gigabyte plans to push this into the datacenter. Upgrading hardware just became a little more difficult.


Novec 72DA liquid is a solution of 70% 1,2-trans-dichloroethylene, 4-16% ethyl nonafluorobutyl ether, 4-6% ethyl nonafluoroisobutyl ether and trace other similar methyl variants. The liquid has a boiling point of 45ºC at very low viscosity (0.4 cP, compared to 0.89 cP for water), but also a low specific heat capacity (1.33 J/g/K, compared to 4.184 for water).


Oh, is that how it works? Ok. Thanks!

Source: AnandTech