Samsung points fingers on the Note 7

Samsung has been working on trying to figure out what went wrong with the Note 7 battery issue and is pointing the finger at the battery makers. They've hired 3 independent quality-control firms that point the finger to manufacturing faults and irregular sized batteries as the root of the problem that made these phones potentially have a meltdown. Unfortunately for Samsung they were using batteries from one of their subsidiaries. At this point no matter of investigating is going to help public perception on the Note 7, but I'm sure they are pouring the money into making sure this doesn't happen again. The Verge has the full story.

Samsung’s official investigation into the cause of widespread faults with the Galaxy Note 7 will blame “irregularly sized” batteries and manufacturing faults, according to a report fromThe Wall Street Journal. The company is set to announce the results of its inquiry this weekend, but the WSJ claims to have revealed its conclusions early, citing information from “people familiar with the matter.”

The WSJ says Samsung hired three independent “quality-control and supply-chain analysis firms” to conduct its investigation, with these firms concluding that two separate faults affected the Note 7.