3D TV is dead

I always hesitate to claim any technology is dead, however, 3D TV is spiraling very quickly and will see LG and Sony drop support for it in 2017. Samsung dropped support back in 2016 and all three of the major companies I've mentioned held on longer than Vizio who dropped support back in 2013. No other major TV-makers released any new 3D  TV capable devices this year at CES. 

Will we ever see 3D TV again? It's not looking good, however, you never know when makers figure out a way to improve the technology enough to get people excited again, never is a long time! CNET has more on the seemingly close end of 3D TV.

It's been a walking corpse for the last couple of years, and now 3D TV finally looks dead.

LG and Sony, the last two major TV makers to support the 3D feature in their TVs, will stop doing so in 2017. None of their sets, not even high-end models such as their new OLED TVs, will be able to show 3D movies and TV shows.

Samsung dropped 3D support in 2016; Vizio hasn't offered it since 2013. Other smaller names, like Sharp, TCL and Hisense, also failed to announce any 3D-capable TVs at CES 2017.