Microsoft "Adaptive Shell" to Unify Windows

As much as I do enjoy Windows as an OS, there are a few quirks that make the experience different on different platforms. When using a tablet, the interface is slightly different that when using a desktop or laptop computer. I've been using the very nice HP Elite X3 phone and that has a different feel and experience as well - also the Xbox One - although based on Windows 10, is much different than the rest. The plan of "One Windows" is about ready to be revealed and this will put the same interface, and scalable performance, across all Microsoft platforms. At least that is the goal. It's a good goal.

While Windows 10 Mobile, for example, is best known for its standard smartphone user experience, higher-end handsets also support the PC-like Continuum mode, which requires a further interface for use on secondary displays, controlled by a mouse and keyboard. Upcoming enhancements to Continuum that Microsoft revealed in September - and which are expected in the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update this year - are said to be related to its CSHELL development efforts.

Source: Neowin