How Many Frames Per Second Can You See?

Every since the day of the Voodoo 2 graphic card, (and probably before) framerate has been a huge issue of debate amongst gamers. Since monitors have increased from their years at 60Hz, we can push higher framerates without visual tearing and things look admittedly nicer. With companies releasing monster graphics cards that can push decent framerates on 4k displays, running 300FPS on a single 1080p display is not unheard of. How many frames to you need and can you see though? This question is answered at the link below.

“Certainly 60 Hz is better than 30 Hz, demonstrably better,” Busey says. So that’s one internet claim quashed. And since we can perceive motion at a higher rate than we can a 60 Hz flickering light source, the level should be higher than that, but he won’t stand by a number. “Whether that plateaus at 120 Hz or whether you get an additional boost up to 180 Hz, I just don’t know.”

Source: PCGamer