New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

I try to stay away from political issues as much as possible, especially when talking with friends and family. This particular post will not share an opinion but hopefully will get you thinking about possibilities of things that could happen. Donald Trump appointed Ajit Pai as the new Chairman of the FCC which comes to joy of the large industry companies like Comcast, Verizon and AT&T. The appointment of Pai could pave the way for less restrictions and regulations on these companies but at the same time this could mean problems for consumers, consumer privacy and supporters of net neutrality. An example would be Verizon or Comcast being able to charge Netflix to stream its content over their networks. This could result in higher fees for consumers of Netflix as subscription prices may go up as a result of such charges by those companies.
Pai was appointed to the FCC by former President Obama.

“The president on Monday named FCC commissioner Ajit Pai to head the agency, which in 2015 adopted rules to preserve net neutrality. Pai, who replaces outgoing Chairman Tom Wheeler, a staunch defender of net neutrality, has already expressed a desire to dismantle those rules.”

Source: CNET