Apple vs. Qualcomm

For the past couple years we've had a constant Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit story stream, however, that seems to have quieted down a bit and now Apple has set their sights on Qualcomm with their army of lawyers. Basically Apple isn't happy that Qualcomm is supplying them with CPUs at a higher price than they would like to pay (and that price has gone up over time) and Qualcomm has it setup so if Apple uses other CPUs then the price of the Qualcomm CPUs goes up even more. Their solution is apparently to sue Qualcomm (the company supplying all of your CPUs for your mobile devices). Fortunately for Apple, they've never made it hard for their users to try something different so I'm sure they'll get lots of sympathy from the general public... (/sarcasm). CNET has more on this story.

Bring it on, Apple -- at least, that's what Qualcomm's top executives seemed to be saying Wednesday.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf and Derek Aberle, head of the wireless chipmakers's licensing business, fired back at lawsuits filed over the past week by Apple in the US and China. Those suits, they said, are all about the money, an effort by Apple to squeeze as much money as possible from its supplier.