Apple's Macbook Officially A Flop

It's no secret that the new Macbook Pro hasn't done nearly as well as Apple hoped, and the biggest cause for this (in my opinion) is the lack of ports, extra expense and inconvenience for dongles and mediocre hardware - as well as poor battery life. There is nothing "Pro" about it when it comes right down to in. PC's on the other hand have faster processors, better performance, better battery life and actually have ports. This is why the high-end market is now choosing Windows over Apple.

Microsoft famously claimed that with the announcement of the Surface Studio, which caused many to claim Microsoft is more innovative than Apple, and Apple’s announcement of the disappointing MacBook Pro “more and more Mac users were switching to Surface.” It seems Microsoft’s Surface line was not the only beneficiary, which is good news for OEMs struggling with the slow decline of the PC market.

Source: MSPowerUser